PPC Training Course

Pay-per-click marketing is a way of using search engine advertising to generate more clicks on your website. It is a form of paid advertisement. Which means  rather than “earning” user clicks organically one generates leads through paid clicks. PPC are those sponsored ads you often see at the top of Google’s search results page, marked with a yellow label.  PPC is a google paid advertisement feature.

How PPC works:
Every-time a userclicks on your ad, the ad directs the user to your website landing page and eventually you pay the search engine a small fee for the same.
PPC marketing is useful for generating leads on you’re website

For eg,A prospective buyers has entered keyword to buy a new pair of shoes. The search engine will direct the buyer to most optimised website but your PPC ad on the 1st page will give the buyer an option to choose shoes from your website as well as the very 1st website on the search engine. Hence creating a lead in your database.
Lastly, the keywords inserted in you PPC ad should be well researched to get maximum profit out of it.


Need Of PPC Course?

  1. PPC course will teach you the  is the most effective way of paid advertisement on search engines.
  2. You will learn to  advertise and compete  directly with your competitors. Hence giving a structured competitive analysis to client.
  3. As per research, users click on paid search ads more often than any other form of digital advertising. This means that people really don’t mind being advertised if theprovided that products or services  advertised actually fit the searcher’s needs hence you can guide to client in budget analysis in PPC marketing
  4.  PPC generates leads at a very low cost. You can make your client happy with large number of leads in low cost and plus you can enjoy an algorithmic ally generated discount from search engines in exchange for making user happy.
  5. The course will help you make responsive PPC ads along with various ad analysis tools which will help give you

PPC Training Course (Google Adwords Certification)


PPC Campaign
  • PPC Campaign Set-up
  • Utilize Manifold Accounts
  • PPC Advertising Routing
  • Use My Client Center –MCC
  • Click-Through-Rates-CTR’s
  • Association of Impression
  • Acquaintance to Conversion
  • Knowledge of Cost-Conversion
  • Amplify CTR and Conversion
  • Tracking Code
Bid Management in PPC
  • Importance of Bid
  • Significance of Bidding Techniques
  • Effects of Quality Score on Bids
  • Ways to Increase rankings
  • Ad position Bidding
  • Management of Bid
  • User Defined Bids
  • Google Automatic Bids
  • Competitor's Analysis for Bidding

Ad Creation for PPC Campaigning
  • Create Effective Ads Groups & Titles
  • Measurement of Title, Description & URL
  • Enhanced ROI from Creative Ads
  • Pre-Requisites of Effectual Ads
Landing Page for PPC
  • PPC Landing Page
  • Landing Page Importance
  • Landing Page vs. Ads
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Click-through-Rates
PPC Reporting
  • Report-Keywords Performance
  • Report- Campaign Performance
  • Report- Ad group Performance
  • Report-Ad Performance
PPC-Keyword Research
  • Introduction to Keyword Research
  • SEO-PPC keyword Difference
  • Significance of Aimed Keywords
  • Top Class Targeted Keywords
  • Competitors Keywords Analysis
  • Search Volume and Keywords Popularity
  • PPC Keyword Tools & Resources
SEM Courses Professional PPC Training(Pay per Click)
  • PPC Training Module
  • Benefits and Significance of PPC
  • PPC Campaigning
  • Google Ad word Account Configuration

Training schedule

  • Regular SEO Training (Monday-Thursday 2 hrs daily)
    Weekend SEO Training (Friday-Saturday 4 hours daily/ Saturday 8 hours.
  • Special Sunday classes available for Groups/Corporate (Min 5).
  • Training on live projects.

We provide you the training by making you work on a live project and that too under the tutelage of a mentor. We ensure you a professional environment, with pros around you who would be more than willing to assist you in every possible manner. Not just that, we assure you 100% jobs guarantee.
Our training center is at Mumbai and Gurgaon where we train people who want to venture in SEO world and the world of internet marketing. Our training will help you develop knowledge, experience and skills so as to climb the ladder to become a successful person in this genre.