E-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce: the soul of modern business

Now that the trading has come to the end of a click of a mouse, E-commerce has gained popularity these days replacing the traditional trading style. With the commerce becoming E-commerce, the advantage to the purchaser is that the cost, which was incurred in the traditional trading style for the third party, is reduced to null. Not only that, E-commerceincludes an entire array of services apart from the products that a user can get. Apart from these fact, e-commerce can help you locate the products and services that you would otherwise long for in the traditional trading. 

With the changing capricious business scenario, it is a dire need that this requirement be met so as to stay in the competition. Not only this will help you boost your sales, but alos to make business contacts.


IPB info solutions’ word of advice for E-commerce  

  • Home Page Design to be totally custom-made..
  • Product Listing Design to be completely customized.
  • Customized Admin tag support options on Home Page.
  • Image portico to exhibit products.
  • Option to Add/Remove manifold Product folio via Content Managing Structure.
  • Comparison of Various Products choice should be accessible.
  • Home Page should consist of JavaScript based banners.
  • Should have DIV or table-less design.
  • Should Exhibit at least ten well-liked Keywords searched by the clients.
  • Superior Feature based search as per shopper’s necessities.
  • Majority of best rated products to be exhibited.
  • Html Editor should be built in to inscribe html for Shopping folio, endorsement boxes, product metaphors and emails.
  • Made to order Shipping calculations as per client requirements.
  • Information about Consignment of the Products.
  • Quick Search by the Producer/Companies.
  • Uploading of several brochures, flyers of products displayed on main page.
  • Should be able to create/remove/ display/ remove advertising, product analysis, banners shopping pages, if you do not desire to view.
  • Majorly appraised Products can be viewed on the home page.
  • Keywords should be on all pages of the site for SEO.

IPB info services offer for you

  • Free maintenance services for 1 month after handing over of the site.
  • Free Training to the employee using the site.

A biz talk…

So, if you seek to develop an e-commerce website, then IPB info services has an entire ton of services to offer you. We ensure you a suucessful website design along wth sophisticated technology which would boost your marketing result.

Try IPB info services once and we promise you an unforgettable experience.